Sunday, August 12, 2012

Episode #3 - Kenji Fujishima (Fallen Angels)

"I feel like film for me is kind of a fulfillment of an ideal of an art form that has power and the ability to fuse all these previous forms of art, even before the beginnings of cinema, into one work."

           Kenji Fujishima might not have the wisdom that comes from age of Peter's previous guests, but the two have an excellent time talking about how he became a hardcore cinephile and writing for The House Next Door. Kenji discusses reading Pauline Kael at an early age, choosing to forgo his mother’s wishes to go into accounting, and becoming a consumer of arts beyond cinema. The two also chat about his blog My Life, 24 Frames Per Seconds, balancing emotion and formalism in writing, and the beauty of “cinematic recklessness.” Finally, they explore the dark beauty of Wong Kar-Wai’s Fallen Angels, which Kenji posits as the filmmaker’s most reflexive commentary on his own feelings to transition toward a new style.

0:00-5:00 - Act One: Establishing Shots - Sight & Sound Poll
5:16-52:13 - Act Two: Deep Focus - Kenji Fujishima
53:07-1:18:12 - Act Three: Double Exposure - Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-Wai)
1:18:13-1:19:50 - Close/Outtake


Highlighted Articles by Kenji Fujishima
-There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, and thoughts vs. emotions in writing
-Die Hard 2 and “Cinematic Recklessness
-On Terrence Davies’s The Long Day Closes
-Prospective Sight & Sound ballot.

Other Notes from the Conversation
-Kael’s For Keeps and Movie Love
-Excerpt on Apollo and Dionysus from Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy
-Wagner’s The Ring Cycle at The Metropolitan Opera.


  1. He has plenty of wisdom! He's fucking ASIAN, Peter.

  2. With a Philip Glass-referencing Easter Egg!

  3. "You know I've always loved...oh no, Fujoshima..."