Sunday, November 18, 2012

Episode #8 - Matt Singer (The Buried Secret of M Night Shaymalan)

"I enjoy more of the debating, the talking it out, the thinking about it, weighing the pieces in your mind, and trying to understand the other person's point of view."

Peter remembers seeing Matt Singer during news and festival bits on the IFC channel back in the day, so he was quite excited to bring it the man to sit down to talk about his work on Criticwire and elsewhere. Matt discusses the winding path he took to entering film criticism, his genuine interest in working in various types of media, and of course his fascination of superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two also explore his explanation for watching "bad" movies, the wonderful world of Internet commenters, and the ever notorious Kevin Smith. Finally, Matt brings in a strange pick for 'Double Exposure' - A TV documentary called The Buried Secret of M Night Shaymalan, that is truly one of the most maddening films ever produced, provoking a discussion that proves to be just as bonkers.

0:00-4:43 Opening / Establishing Shots - "To The Film Industry in Crisis"
4:57-58:25 Deep Focus - Matt Singer
59:21-1:20:30 Double Exposure - The Buried Secret Of M. Night Shaymalan
1:20:33-1:22:22 Close / Outtake

Read Matt Singer at Criticwire, Screen Crush, Time Out, the IFC Blog. Listen to Filmspotting: SVU and check out the archives of the IFC Podcast. View his clips from At The Movies.
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Highlighted Articles by Matt Singer
-Matt's audio commentary for Gymkata
-A column dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Notes from Matt's J. Hoberman class
-On Criticism and Kevin Smith
-An example IFC News Bit by Matt Singer at SXSW
-Matt and Alision Discuss "Swoopers" and "Bashers"
-The Poochie Legacy
-Viagra Cinema
Other Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Frank O'Hara's "To The Film Industry in Crisis"

-Spider-Man on "The Electric Company"
-Douglas Brode
-Movie Poop Shoot.Com

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  1. I am a weirdly devoted fan of Matt Singer's: SVU, IndieWire, guest podcast appearances, etc. And you can thank him for bringing this podcast to my attention. Such a wealth of info. The link inventory for references is invaluable.

    Many thanks! You've gained a new listener!