Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episode #10 - Katey Rich (Take This Waltz)

"I tend to be an optimist most of time. I want movies to be good. But when you can look at something—look at the whole big picture, you know everything that's coming out next year already. You have this knowledge of how all the moving pieces are fitting together. It's fun to know I can cover all of that. "

Peter can often get lost in the history of cinema that he often forgets that movies were born in the industry, and Hollywood keeps that art alive. So for his last interview of the 2012 season, CinemaBlend editor-in-chief Katey Rich joins him for a lively conversation about the ins and outs of the movie industry. Katey discusses her origins as a moviegoer in South  Carolina and her interest in why things were popular to the trials, tribulations, and pleasures of running a site that is always about the "now." They then get into some of the more interesting pieces she's written about the depiction of women in Hollywood, as well as why it's okay to nitpick. Finally, they dive into one of 2012's more intimate and underrated films, Take This Waltz, and discover how Sarah Polley can add real magic to a story as old as time.

0:00-1:01 Opening
1:52-5:37 Establishing Shots - Zero Dark Thirty
5:52-46:16 Deep Focus - Katey Rich
47:11-1:01:19 Double Exposure - Take This Waltz (Sarah Polley)
1:01:19-1:09:10 Spoiler Discussion of Take This Waltz
1:09:12-1:12:03 Close and Outtakes
Read Katey Rich's work on CinemaBlend.Com and click here to read her reviews. Follow Operation Kino here.
Highlighted Articles by Katey Rich
Other Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Peter interviewed Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow in 2009
-Peter's 2011 piece on the Bigelow retro at MoMA
-The piece on Take This Waltz Peter was referring to was Dana Stevens's review

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