Sunday, June 2, 2013

Episode #19 - David Schwartz (Beauty #2)

"What a film series does is let you take a critical idea and then put into practice. You say, 'let's look at these films, and what do the actual films on screen show us.'"

Exploring cinema doesn't just end when the final reel spools; it's also about learning the history and future of how moving images play into our daily lives. At the Museum of the Moving Image, David Schwartz programs the films that accompanying and work into the Astoria-based institution dedicated to this mission. In his conversation with Peter, David describes how he originally got hooked into New York's repertory film scene and how it eventually led him to programming. They discuss the importance of exploring new media and the avant-garde, the difficulties and advantages of the digital transition, and working with an ever changing audience. They finish off their conversation with a discussion of Andy Warhol's Beauty #2, an avant-garde work that David argues for the very precise control of the director in this apparently improvised movie. 

0:00-0:57 Opening 
2:03-6:00 Establishing Shots - Harris Savides / Trivia Round
6:45-1:00:42 Deep Focus - David Schwartz
1:02:07-1:25:18 Double Exposure - Beauty #2 (Andy Warhol)
1:25:20-1:27:17 Close / Outtake
Visit the Museum of the Moving Image's website and view upcoming programs. Read David's writing and interviews on Moving Image Source.
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