Sunday, June 30, 2013

Episode #21 - Victor Morton (Rosetta)

"Does the film offer a space or entry point to someone who is not sympathetic to its agenda? That's something I think all films should do."

Since film discussion has been on the Internet, so has Victor Morton. The very opinionted and didactic film blogger joins Peter for a journey through his cinephile life. Victor tells the tales of growing up in both Scotland and Texas, before finally finding a voice on the famous UseNet groups of the early Internet. The two then discuss his approach to cinema as a conservative, the influence and analysis of viewing films through a Catholic prism, and the continuing wonders of Romanian cinema. Finally, the two dive deep into Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne's Rosetta, a film which might not have any specific Christian themes on its surface, but the two find to be deeply, deeply spiritual.

0:00-1:00 Opening 
2:22-6:57 Establishing Shots - Allan Dwan / Trivia Round
7:42-1:29:03 Deep Focus - Victor Morton
1:29:54-1:59:27 Double Exposure - Rosetta (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)
1:59:28-2:02:51 Close / Outtake - Victor on A Clockwork Orange
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  1. ERRATA: Due to a brain-freeze, during the discussion of SANS SOLEIL, I misidentified the colony formerly called Portuguese Guinea as "Equatorial Guinea." That is incorrect; I should have said Guinea-Bissau (the independent nation Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony). The Victor Daily regrets the error.