Sunday, December 22, 2013

Epsiode #30 - Genevieve Yue (Café Lumière)

"I'm interested in how this condition of how the marginal wraps its way back to the center. Experimental cinema is seen in many ways on the fringes of mainstream filmmaking...but at the same time is about practices, expections, and often the film experience itself."

Between experimental cinema and the mainstream, between academic writing and teaching and mainstream criticism, New School professor and writer Genevieve Yue enjoys crossing the boundaries between the normally concrete lines of contemporary cinema and cinephilia. So in the latest episode, she sits down with Peter to talk about coming to experimental cinema through poetry, finding ways to teach and think about the avant-garde, and the transitional moment of Asian cinema. Plus, the two dive into Hou Hsiao-Hsien's Café Lumière, a film that allows for a cinema set in the spaces "in between" and one filled with layers of the past, whether cinematically or through the film's own narrative secrets. 

0:00-1:34 Opening 
2:24-7:32 Establishing Shots - George Cukor and Sylvia Scarlett / Sponsor
8:17-59:15 Deep Focus - Genevieve Yue
1:00:24-1:19:48 Double Exposure - Café Lumière (Hou Hsiao-Hsien)
1:19:52-1:21:31 Close
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Episode #29 - Nellie Killian (Five Year Diary)

"The best type of programming is where there's no distinction between documentary, Classic Hollywood, experimental...They're all in conversation."

If repertory film culture is a slowly dying sect of cinephilia, then at least its final years will be lead by some of the most creative people possible, including BAMcinemtek's Nellie Killian. Nellie sits down with Peter to talk about growing up next to the Castro, finding an addiction to New York's repertory scene, and then becoming a programmer herself. The two then focus on Migrating Forms, an upcoming experimental film festival hosted at BAM December 11th-15th, which will feature audacious new works from the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab, a electronic arts show featuring Merce Cunningham's coreography, and Johnnie To comedies. The two will finally focus on a special project Nellie brought to the festival, Anne Charlotte Robertson's Five Year Diary project, and focus on how the film's portrayal of mental illness is unlike anything you've ever seen.

0:00-1:27 Opening 
2:27-6:55 Establishing Shots - Mauvais Sang / Donations
7:40-1:04:33 Deep Focus - Nellie Killian
1:06:01-1:22:28 Double Exposure - Five Year Diary (Anne Charlotte Robertson)
1:22:32-1:24:47 Close / Outtake
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