Sunday, April 27, 2014

Episode #37 - Carrie Rickey (Clueless)

"I love engaging the audience, and the Internet gives you the ability to do that."

From Los Angeles to New York, Carrie Rickey spent many of her years during the heyday of the Golden Age of Film Criticism, writing about some of the truly great movies as they were released, before moving cities for the Philadelphia Inquirer. No longer working the daily beat, Carrie found time in her busy schedule to sit down with Peter for a chat about her training under Manny Farber, that infamous Heaven's Gate screening, and her various pieces and pursuits in examining women and women's cinema. Finally, the two get like totally on board with Amy Heckerling's Clueless, which like is for sure Frank Tashlin except given this sweet makeover.

0:00-1:12 Opening 
1:47-10:19 Establishing Shots - East Asia Films At Tribeca / Donations
11:02-56:25 Deep Focus - Carrie Rickey
57:58-1:13:03 Double Exposure - Clueless (Amy Heckerling)
1:14:06-1:15:56 Close / Outtake
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Shelley Kraicer on Black Coal, Thin Ice
-Tsai Ming-Liang's previous Walker film.
-Blake Williams collects all 14 shots of Journey to the West
-Carrie and I may have mixed up Topaz and Torn Curtain in our conversation about meeting Hitchcock.
-Deconstructing Beyond the Green Door
-Marilyn Chambers
-Carrie's obit on Manny Farber
-The Women's Building in Los Angeles
-Information on Yvonne Rainer
-Jonathan Rosenbaum and Carrie Rickey on Manhattan's Movie Scene
-Rosenbaum and Rickey on their program on sound
-Libeled Lady
-Dorothy Arzner
-More on Ida Lupino
-More on women in silent film can be learned for free from the Women Film Pioneers Project 
-Carrie on Pauline Kael at the time of her retirement
-5,001 Nights at the Movies
-Tim starring Mel Gibson
-Carrie on The Female Gaze
-Interviews with Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow
-Carrie on Videodrome
-Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" 
-Ramon Posel, founder of Philadelphia's Ritz Cinema
-More on the relationship between Robert De Niro and Manny Farber
-Carrie's 1995 Clueless review
-Peter on Vamps

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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