Sunday, May 11, 2014

Episode #38 - Sam Adams (The Long Goodbye)

"You have to follow your star for what's exciting or offensive to you about this movie...writing about what interests you the most produces the best criticism."

Sam Adams may not be in the center of the criticism landscape from his home in Philadelphia, but his presence at the editor for the Criticwire blog has made his dialectic voice a reasoned and fascinating one in a world of polemics. In this latest episode, Peter sits down with Sam to talk about his first interest in criticism through his desire to talk through a film, his participation in the experimental Flaherty seminar, and his thoughts on the strange world of television criticism and its constant evolution. Finally, the two work through Robert Altman's 1973 hazy noir The Long Goodbye and consider how the director's comedic take on the Chandler hero with Elliot Gould might in some ways be more noir than most revisionist works.

0:00-1:25 Opening 
2:46-9:13 Establishing Shots - Mann Noirs / Donations
9:59-1:15:19 Deep Focus - Sam Adams
1:16:45-1:42:42 Double Exposure - The Long Goodbye (Robert Altman)
1:42:45-1:44:40 Close / Outtake
Read Sam Adams at Criticwire, The Dissolve, The AV Club, and The Philadelphia City Paper.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Imogen Sara Smith on Mann's noir films
-Pauline Kael's Movie Love
-The Flaherty Film Seminar
-The 2013 Program at Flaherty
-Some of Michael Glawogger's soundbites at 2010 Flaherty (Glawogger passed away after we recorded our conversation).
-Information on the now defunct Institute for Film Criticism
-Kenneth Turan
-Sam's interview with Grand Budapest Hotel Art Director Adam Stockhausen
-Sam's piece responding to criticism of The Bling Ring
-Entertainment Weekly's Under the Skin "review" and Sam on the fallout
-The "Form" Debate
--The Original Critcwire Survey
--Ted Gloria's Music Complaint 
--Jody Rosen's "In Defense of Pop Criticism
--Matt Zoller Seitz's polemic
--Sam's initial response
--Emily Nussbaum's piece on form

-Seitz on "directed television" 
-Sam on The Good Wife
-Brett Martin's Difficult Men 
-Sam reviews a Beyonce Concert
-Sam on Two Lane Blacktop
-Sam's 2002 capsule for The Long Goodbye
-Arrow Films's UK Blu-Ray of the film  
-Sam's quote of Chandler comes from The Simple Art of Murder
-Bouton's Ball Four and the controversy 
-A 1972 profile of Nina Van Pallandt and her connection to Clifford Irving
-An interview with screenwriter Leigh Brackett 

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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