Sunday, June 15, 2014

Episode #40 - Michael Koresky (The Seventh Victim)

"We decided there should a publication for a younger generation of film writers."

It would probably take days to count the number of film publications that launched in the early years of the current millennium, but Reverse Shot, which Michael Koresky co-founded, has been a cornerstone of intelligent and dynamic film writing for over a decade now. Peter sits down with Michael to chart out the publication's origins, the voice the site created, Michael's own work with the Criterion Collection, and his upcoming book on British director Terrence Davies. Finally, the two examine the nothing-else-like-it horror film, The Seventh Victim, a Val Lewton produced existential drama that manages to bring chills down both their spines with one little phrase: "death is good."

0:00-1:36 Opening 
2:24-8:40 Establishing Shots - BAMCinemafest (Ellie Lumme and Something, Anything)
9:25-54:02 Deep Focus - Michael Koresky
56:48-1:11:49 Double Exposure - The Seventh Victim (Mark Robson)
1:11:53-1:13:32 Close
Read Michael Koresky at Reverse Shot and at The Criterion Collection. Pre-Order his book on Terence Davies.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-More on BAMCinemafest
-Ignaity Vishnevetsky's Ellie Lumme
-Paul Harrill's Something, Anything
-Siskel & Ebert's special on Steven Spielberg
-Gavin Smith's tenure at Film Comment
-Reverse Shot's "Offenses of the Year"
-Dictionary of Received Film Criticism
-Reverse Shot’s Crazy Match-'em-Ups, or An Empty, Vitriolic Exercise in Spiteful Contrarianism
-Spielberg Symposium
-On Malick: The Tree of Life and To The Wonder
-Here & Now & Then
-Inaugural Column on 1979
-On Davies: The House of Mirth, Of Time and the City, and The Deep Blue Sea
-Michael's essay on The Long Day Closes for The Criterion Collection
-David Ehrlich's conversation with Koresky on the film
-Announcement on the further collaboration between Reverse Shot and the Museum of the Moving Image
-Here & Now & Then on 1943 and The Seventh Victim
-Peter on Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse and Koresky's take on the film

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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