Sunday, August 10, 2014

Episode #44 - Gabe Klinger (The Bowery)

"Writing is a solitary activity, but programming is a social activity."

Critic, programmer, and teacher Gabe Klinger isn't interested in what we know about the movies—his journey has been fueled by searching beyond the even the outskirts of the canon to many of the far reaches of cinephilia, bringing those films to light by any means necessary. In his interview with Peter, Gabe discusses his origins as a cinephile in Barcelona, his work as a programmer at a young age in Chicago, and the current state of the world film festival environment. They also discuss two major accomplishments: his co-edited volume on filmmaker Joe Dante and Double Play, a documentary that follows directors Richard Linklater and James Benning, finding the uncommon links between them. Finally, the two examine The Bowery, Raoul Walsh's pre-code historical comedy, and the unique similarities it shares between a 1900 actuality called Namo Village, which was shot in Indochina. 

0:00-1:47 Opening 
2:57-8:27 Establishing Shots - The Lovers on The Bridge
9:12-1:07:20 Deep Focus - Gabe Klinger
1:10:06-1:29:11 Double Exposure - The Bowery (Raoul Walsh) with Namo Village (Gabriel Veyre)
1:29:15-1:30:53 Close
Watch Double Play on iTunes on YouTube.
Read Gabe Klinger on Cinema Scope, Mubi Notebook, and Senses of Cinema. Purchase his co-edited volume on Joe Dante. You can Follow Gabe on Twitter here
Watch The Bowery and Namo Village, both on YouTube.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Film Forum's Leos Carax retrospective
-Kent Jones on Carax
-Xuxa is the named of the Brazilian kids show Gabe remembers
-Filmoteca de Catalunya
-Gabe discusses Roger Larson and Young Filmmakers
-Young Filmmakers on Amazon
-"Young Filmmakers Rediscovered" at Tribeca
-An article on Alfonso Sanchez Jr. shooting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
-A 2002 Northwestern article on Gabe as a programmer
-A 90 minute recording of Gabe discussing Serge Daney (also featuring Jonathan Rosenbaum, Farran Nehme Smith, Fred Camper, and Dave Kehr).
-Steve Erickson's Serge Daney in English blog
-Michael Phillips reports on a rarely screened Roberto Rossellini film
-Daney on Historie(s) Du Cinema
-Neil Young and Gabe discuss digital cinema in the January 2013 issue of Sight & Sound
-Nick Pinkerton on the passing of 35mm
-A long discussion on film festivals featuring Girish Shambu, Ignaity Vishnevetsky, Gabe, and many more.
-Imilleocchi Film Festival
-Ben Sachs interviews Joe Dante and Gabe (Part One and Part Two)
-Anton Yelchin interviewed about his role in Joe Dante's upcoming Burying The Ex
-Cinema, de Notre Temps
-Some episodes: Bresson/Weyergans, Bunuel/Valey, Lang/Godard, Hou/Assayas, Straub-Hulliet/Costa 
-Dave Kehr on Raoul Walsh
-Andre Bazin on William Wyler and Orson Welles
-Gabriel Veyre
-Documentary on Veyre by Kiju Yoshida, entitled A Dream of Cinema, A Dream of Tokyo (no subtitles)
-Manny Farber on Walsh (scroll down)
-Fire brigade sequence in Scorsese's Gangs of New York
-Walsh's Regeneration, shot in 1915 in the Lower East Side

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