Sunday, September 21, 2014

Episode #46 - Karina Longworth (Wanda)

"One of the things that keeps me excited is figuring out who these people were and where they were in their lives when they were making these things that mean so much to me."

Peter doesn't listen to many other film podcasts, but one of his joys this year has been the transporting mysteries of You Must Remember This, hosted by former LA Weekly critic Karina Longworth. Karina discusses how her interest in writing about Hollywood's golden era brought her from the throes of academic writing to the world of online film writing and finally to her new podcast. The two also discuss her books on the careers on Al Pacino and Meryl Street, and her latest text, Hollywood Frame by Frame, which investigates the ins and outs of contact sheets. Finally, the two examine Barbara Loden's singular feminist triumph, Wanda, and how this tragic film explores the psychology of an "ordinary woman." Plus, an brief on the rarities from this year's CineCon, including films by John Ford and Allan Dwan.

0:00-1:50 Opening
2:45-7:18 Establishing Shots - CineCon
8:04-53:50 Deep Focus - Karina Longworth
57:03-1:10:00 Double Exposure - Wanda (Barbara Loden)
1:10:03-1:11:41 Close
Listen to Karina Longworth on You Must Remember This, and purchase her books Hollywood Frame by Frame, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and George Lucas. Read her work on LA Weekly, Grantland, and Slate.
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Wanda has been released on DVD, but it is currently out of print.
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