Sunday, November 23, 2014

Episode #49 - Kim Morgan (Something Wild)

"We're all human beings and these are artists—should they be doing the appropriate things all the time? That's not going to make great art."

Kim Morgan talks straight. There's a directness in what she describes—about the way actors move, about what directors do with the camera, about sex, about gender, about everything. So in her interview with Peter, the blogger, critic, and programmer talks about her first love of movies through Raoul Walsh's High Sierra, her take on the strange sunny world that is Los Angeles, and her programming for the Telluride Film Festival alongside filmmaker Guy Maddin. The conversation also covers many of Kim's great movie loves: Irreversible, the tough worlds of Von Trier and Polanski, the delightful one of Pre-Codes, and especially Marilyn Monroe. Finally, the two sit down with Jack Garfien's Something Wild, a radical independent film starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker that tackles the subject of rape trauma through a mix of hard hitting realism and psychological surrealism.

0:00-1:48 Opening
2:50-7:49 Establishing Shots - Lav Diaz's From What Is Before
8:33-55:14 Deep Focus - Kim Morgan
56:01-57:35 Mubi Sponsorship - Camille Claudel, 1915
59:33-1:15:41 Double Exposure - Something Wild (Jack Garfien)
1:15:44-1:17:23 Close 
Read Kim Morgan's blog, Sunset Gun.
Something Wild is streaming for Amazon Prime members and on DVD via Warner Archive.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-More information on Lav Diaz's From What Is Before
-Diaz's previous film, Norte, The End of History, was previously discussed on the podcast during NYFF 51.
-Seeing The Exorcist as a child
-On Warren Oates
-On Von Trier's Melancholia
-An excerpt on Camille Paglia on Elizabeth Taylor
-Break, Blow, Burn
-On The Bad Seed
-On Mulholland Dr.
-On Irreversible 
-On Deliverance 
-Kim on Pre-Code: Night Nurse, Ernst Lubitsch, and Design for Living
-On Hitchcock: On Marnie, on Vertigo, and the handbag.
-On Polanski: A video essay on Repulsion, a Top 10, and why he understands women.
-On Pekinpah and Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
-Kim's Marilyn Monroe piece for Playboy is in the December 2012 issue. Here's an "ode" she wrote.
-Marilyn in Headlights
-Don't Bother to Knock
-Lindsay Lohan and Reality TV
-A tribute to Tuesday Weld
-Programming the Telluride Film Festival, and an interview between Todd McCarthy, Kim, and Guy Maddin
-Film screened at Telluride: Joseph Losey's M, Robert Altman's California Split, Wicked Women
-Kim on Something Wild, and notes from the Telluride Film Festival
-An article on Jack Garfien appears in the November issue of Sight & Sound.
-Aaron Copland's riveting score for Something Wild.

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