Sunday, December 7, 2014

Episode #50 - Mike D'Angelo (Buffalo '66)

"I've always been interested in as much in the prose as the actual ideas."

Before film criticism and cinephilia moved from print and theaters to the screen and discussion boards, Mike D'Angelo was already there forming its basis for a serious minded engagement with movies. Mike sits down for this 50th episode of The Cinephiliacs to discuss his original path as a screenwriter and an actor, how he moved from an online phenomenon to a full time film critic, and the way the Internet helped in shaping his uniquely crafted voice. Peter also talks with Mike on his walk out policy, his obsession with puzzlebox movies, and the importance of rhythm in cinema. Finally, they look at one of the strangest American indies of recent memory—Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66—and how the director-star constantly surprises by both engaging and then breaking with indie conventions.

0:00-2:29 Opening
3:53-8:32 Establishing Shots - Robert Greene's Actress
9:18-1:07:04 Deep Focus - Mike D'Angelo
1:07:54-1:09:36 Mubi Sponsorship - Edvard Munch
1:10:53-1:31:03 Double Exposure - Buffalo '66 (Vincent Gallo)
1:31:08-1:33:28 Close  / Outtakes
Read Mike D'Angelo on his website, The Man Who Viewed Too Much, and on Letterboxd.
Buffalo '66 is available for rental on Amazon and iTunes.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Robert Greene's Actress
-Robert's appearance on The Cinephiliacs

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