Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Favorites With Keith Uhlich (Part 2)

"Those lacking in imagination take refuge in reality." So speaks the first line to one of the ten eleven films that appear on Part 2 of Peter Labuza and Keith Uhlich's countdown of the best films of 2014. And what better describes their choices than fantastical images—prehistoric beasts, dogs (talking and non-talking), magical lands, and even more magical loves—bringing us closer to truth. From the snowy peaks of Zubrowka, the peaceful beaches off the coast of France, and inside a female uterus, Keith and Peter search for films that transform the way they see the world. The truth can be tough to swallow ("Well that's depressing," as one character might say), but these films make seeing it all the better.

0:00-6:51 Opening / Voicemails
6:52-21:54 Picks for #5
21:55-43:16 Picks for #4
43:17-1:01:45 Picks for #3
1:02:44-1:04:12 Mubi Sponsorship - Melancholia
1:04:13-1:30:33 Picks for #2
1:30:34-1:52:51 Picks for #1
1:52:52-1:56:02 Close / Outtakes
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Notes and Links from the Conversation

Keith Uhlich's Picks
5. Fifi Howls of Happiness (Mitra Farahani)
4. Bojack Horseman (Raphael Bob-Waksberg)
3. Nymphomanic: Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Lars Von Trier)
2. Godzilla (Garreth Edwards)
1. Love Is Strange (Ira Sachs)

Peter's reviews of Nymphomanic and Godzilla.

Peter Labuza's Picks
5. Listen Up Philip (Alex Ross Perry)
4. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson)
3. Two Days, One Night (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)
2. Goodbye to Language 3D (Jean-Luc Godard)
1. A Summer's Tale (Eric Rohmer, 1996/2014) and Jealousy (Philippe Garrel)

Keith's reviews The Grand Budapest Hotel, Goodbye to Language, A Summer's Tale, and Jealousy.

Guest Picks: Noah Isenberg: Locke, Adam Nayman: Locke, Angela CatalanoThe Tribe, Monica Castillo: Only Lovers Left Alive and Two Days, One Night, Carson Lund: The Violent Men and The Story of Oharu, Matt Lynch: Transformers: The Premake, and Dan Sallitt: The Mend.

-Fifi Howls From Happiness is currently streaming on Amazon

-The title painting as seen on the power
-"The Unknown Masterpiece" by Balzac
-Ignatiy Vishnevetsky on Listen Up Philip
-Mike D'Angelo's dissenting take on Listen Up Philip
-Alan Moore's Lost Girls
-David Ehrlich on Godzilla as a "post-human blockbuster"
-Glenn Heath Jr. on Godzilla
-Peter on Godard's Historie(s) Du Cinema
-David Bordwell on Goodbye To Language
-Dan Sallitt on the ending to A Summer's Tale

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