Thursday, February 19, 2015

Episode #54 - Kristopher Tapley (JFK)

"You gotta look at it like a snapshot. There's one judge of true greatness, and that's time." 

The Oscars aren't exactly Peter's favorite film event of any given year, but he does find the world they inhabit fascinating: how and why Hollywood presents itself to the rest of the world as it does? And if you are going to follow that universe, the collected journalistic sensibilities of Kristopher Tapley of In Contention is the right place to be. Peter talks to Kris about his start in filmmaking school before transitioning into writing, and uses his time to dispel the common myths many use to dismiss the Oscars. They also talk about his work highlighting the work of the technical support workers and memorable shots, before discussing a film that truly shows the work of below the line people: Oliver Stone's JFK. However, that certainly doesn't stop them from debating  the conspiracy itself.

0:00-1:50 Opening
2:54-9:14 Establishing Shots - Mizoguchi's The 47 Ronin
10:00-47:38 Deep Focus - Kristopher Tapley
48:55-1:05:05  Double Exposure - JFK (Oliver Stone)
1:05:09-1:06:49 Close 
Read Kris at In Contention and follow him on Twitter.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-Fred Camper on The 47 Ronin
-Watch Mizoguchi's Miyamoto Musashi (1944)
-The Flying HBO Logo Clip
-Filmmaking at UNC School of the Arts
-Guy Lodge
-Kris on Goodbye to Language winning at the National Film Critics Society
-More on Weinstein and the Oscars can be found in Alisa Perren's Indie Inc.: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s
-Kris on David Ayer's Fury
-An explanation of the Preferential ballot system
-A timeline of the Selma controversy
-Opening number for the 2008 Oscars
-All of In Contention's "Tech Support" coverage
-The famous Max Steiner quote: "My theory is that the music should be felt rather than heard."
-On Intersetellar's Sound Mix
-The Top 10 Shots of 2014 (Links to previous years near the end of the page)
-Tintin's single shot chase
-Kodak's deal to continue processing 35mm
-Kris on Stone's JFK
-Jim Marrs's book, Crossfire.
-A 1991 LATimes dispatch on LBGT protests against JFK

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