Sunday, July 19, 2015

Episode #62 - Adrian Martin (Gloria)

"The idea is not knowing what you're going to write, and to be open to your unconscious. If you're having a free association, it's because it's actually meaningful."

In an age in with the image friendly world of Twitter and Tumblr has made it all to easy to isolate our favorite shots in cinema, Adrian Martin wants to return us to movement. His new book,  Mise en Scène And Film Style: From Classical Hollywood to New Media Art examines the historical and contemporary uses of the French term to describe how frames can turn in style, tone, and intensity, all without an edit. In this trans-Atlantic recorded interview, Adrian discusses his origins as a cinephile in Australia, how the Internet both gave him a voice and provided new challenges, and his continual search to allow films to speak to him in new ways. Finally, they discuss Gloria, a forgotten work by the legendary John Cassavetes, which takes the filmmakers intensely rhythmic style on to the streets of New York for a gangster thriller with Gena Rowlands.

0:00-2:21 Opening
3:45-8:06  Establishing Shots - Hype Williams's Belly
8:50-1:09:39 Deep Focus - Adrian Martin
1:10:33-1:12:44 Mubi Sponsorship
1:13:31-1:32:00 Double Exposure - Gloria (John Cassavetes)
1:32:05-1:33:45 Close 
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
-A trailer for Fleishcer's Fantastic Voyage
-Adrian discusses Anatomy of a Murder in this excerpt from the book.
-Raymond Durgnat's Films and Feeling
-A recent academic article on the emergence of British Film Theory in the 1970s.
-Adrian's "Cinephilia As A War Machine"
-Japanese film critic Shigehiko Hasumi
-An Interview with Adrian conducted by Girish Shambu
-Gilberto Perez's article for Rogue on Fahrenheit 9/11
-Part of our discussion about film internet monetization was sparked out of the recent end to the fantastic film website The Dissolve.
-Adrian on Mad Max: Fury Road
-On Aesthetics and Ethics
-Watch dozens of video essays by Cristina Álvarez López with Adrian
-"At Table: The Social Mise en Scène of How Green Was My Valley"
-The term dispositif has been highly debated in philosophy circles.
-On the myths of Cassavetes

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