Sunday, August 30, 2015

Episode #65 - Jim Healy (The Mind Reader)

"I've been able to find audiences that want enriching films whether they're old or new."

What would you show to the public if you had access to one of the largest film archives in the world? For 9 years, Jim Healy had to figure that out as he served as the programmer at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, and now serves as the programmer for the UW Cinematheque in Madison. Jim traces his early years going to the movies with his brother Pat and his lucky break into programming at the Chicago International Film Festival. The two discuss the work he did at the archive and now serving the University as well as the public, the challenges of digital and 35mm, and how international audiences react to the work of John Cassavetes. Finally, Jim digs up an old treasure waiting for rediscover: The Mind Reader, a Warner Brothers Pre-Code classic with Warren William conning his way from circuses to Park Avenue. 

0:00-2:11 Opening
3:18-8:04  Establishing Shots - The Mend
8:50-1:02:01 Deep Focus - Jim Healy
1:02:52-1:05:08 Mubi Sponsorship
1:06:15-1:22:37 Double Exposure - The Mind Reader (Roy Del Ruth)
1:22:42-1:25:27 Close 
Jim Healy's web page, and the website for the UW Cinematheque Program.
The Mind Reader is streaming on YouTube and available as part of WB's "Forbidden Hollywood." 
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
More on The Mend from Bilge Ebiri and Glenn Kenny
—Trailer for Disney's The World's Greatest Athlete
—Jim on seeing Days of Heaven on 70mm under the stars
—The Chicago International Film Festival
—More on Michael Kutza
A Chicago Tribune article on the 1995 "failed coup"
Some notes from the Chicago Reader that includes capsules of the John Boorman films programmed in 1998
—The reference to Los Angeles's failing art house scene was following this great op-ed by Michael Nordine
—The George Eastman House
—Jim on Idiocracy
—More on James Card, GEH's preservationist
—Jim on the work of Don Hertzfeldt and an interview with the filmmaker
—Jim's interview with Cassavetes regular Seymour Cassell and Al Rubin
—More information on the Italian collection of Cassavetes essays, edited by Jim.
Jonathan Rosenbaum's essay from the collection
The Wisconsin Film Festival
—More on Daniel Perry
—David Bordwell on Goodbye to Language
—The quotes from Peter Bogdanovich come from Who The Devil Made It?
Jim's "Film Discovery" lists for Bob Freelander
—Listen to Pat Healy discuss his relationship with his brother on WTF
Watch Cheap Thrills
Roy Del Ruth
Nightmare Alley

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