Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Favorites With Keith Uhlich (Part 1)

Another year of movies, another countdown. In this 2015 iteration of The Cinephiliacs countdown, Keith Uhlich once again joins Peter on a cinematic odyssey from big screens and small ones, as well as streaming services even beyond the States. A diverse group of films define this year's crop: things that push the boundaries of digital cinema to the absolute mainstream of Hollywood, new spins on old hat genres, and and new tales from around the world finally given voices. But as it turns out, whatever the story, it's the technique that centers these films: shot-reverse shot, breathtaking long takes, smartly composed compositions, and a deep commitment to humanity. Part II will be up Friday, January 8th.

0:00-7:20 Opening
7:20-33:15 Choices for #10
33:15-47:40 Choices for #9
47:40-1:05:25 Choices for #8
1:067:14-1:09:36 Mubi Sponsorship and Garrel Giveaway
1:10:14-1:29:54 Choices for #7
1:29:54-1:43:40 Choices for #6
1:52:52-2:08:32 Favorite Discoveries of the Year
2:08:35-2:09:56 Close
Read Keith Uhlich at The Hollywood Reporter and Mubi
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Keith Uhlich
10. Bridge of Spies / Queen and Country / Ricki and the Flash
9. Eden
8. Experimenter
7. Sense8
6. Rick and Morty, "Total Rickall" / No No Sleep / Documentary Now, "Sandy Passage"

Peter Labuza
10. Unfriended / The Walk
9. The Look of Silence
8. Amour Fou / Beloved Sisters
7. Timbuktu 
6. Creed

Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Charlie Kaufman's Interview on Vulture
—Bridge of Spies: Peter's appearance on Mousterpiece Podcast discussing the film
Queen and Country: Keith's review
Ricki and the Flash: Keith's review
Unfriended: Peter's Letterboxd post
—More about the Blumhouse Productions Model
Eden: Peter's Letterboxd Post, and Mike D'Angelo's claim against the "non-aging" process.
—The Look of Silence: Eric Hynes's review and Kevin B. Lee's turn on the film
—A long critique of The Act of Killing by Colin Beckett
—The Museum of the Moving Image's upcoming See It Now! on documentaries
Amour Fou: Peter's Cannes Review and Keith's Cannes Review
Beloved Sisters: Peter's Letterboxd Post
—Danny Kasman on Beloved Sisters and the Dominic Graf Retrospective
Sense8: Keith's Review
—Peter on Jupiter Ascending
Timbuktu: Peter's Cannes Review and Keith's Cannes Review
—Todd VanDerWerff on Community's Clip Show Episode
No No Sleep: Peter's Review and Peter's Letterboxd Post
Walker is available here and Journey To The West is available on the Cinema Guild Blu-Ray for Stray Dogs
Documentary Now: Keith's Review
—Adam Nayman on Creed
—Steven Boone on Fruitvale Station
—A Report from the 20th Anniversary Screening of Michael Mann's Heat
—Keith's review of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
—Peter's List of 2015 Discoveries

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