Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Favorites With Keith Uhlich (Part 2)

If you took cinema at its essence, it's simply recorded bits of the present. This includes bits of physical reality, personal psychology, formal techniques through technologies, and projections of possibility. And thus by putting a capstone on the year with this countdwon, Peter and guest Keith Uhlich hope to investigate just a bit of those bits that become the history of film, as well as history itself. Their final picks travel from New York City to 9th Century China to Southern Plantations and the Planet of Arkanar. They emphasize stories of small people in the large waves around them—each one trying to craft their own little spot within their universe. And whether the world goes into the digital ad infinitum or will become covered in shit, it is the human at the center of these films: the joys, the sorrows, all wrapped in one. These are our favorite works of 2015.

0:00-2:32 Opening
3:56-26:41 Choices for #5
28:07-42:29 Choices for #4
44:33-1:04:56 Choices for #3
1:05:46-1:09:21 Mubi Sponsorship and Garrel Giveaway
1:10:28-1:30:18 Choices for #2
1:30:18-1:52:18 Choices for #1
1:52:18-1:55:16 Closing Thoughts / Credits / Outtakes
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Keith Uhlich
5. In Jackson Heights
4. Magic Mike XXL
3. Hannibal (2013-2015)
2. Blackhat
1. Horse Money / The Assassin / Sunset Song

Peter Labuza
5. Welcome to New York / Buzzard
4. The Mend
3. Mistress America
2. Hard To Be A God
1. Magic Mike XXL

Guess Favorites
Brian Darr, Maps To The Stars
Doug Dillaman, The Ground We Won
Adam Kempanaar, The Big Short
Fernando F. Croce, Horse Money
Justine Smith, Carnal Knowledge (1971)
Scott Nye, Wild River (1960)

Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Peter's Village Voice Poll
—In Jackson Heights: Keith's Toronto Review
Jaime Christley's review of In Jackson Heights, and Zach Lewis's review of the film
Welcome To New York: Peter's Cannes Review
Simon Abrams discusses the two cuts of Welcome to New York
Abel Ferrara discusses the two cuts with Simom
Buzzard: Peter's AFI Fest Review
—Eric Hynes on The Ground We Won
—Peter and Keith discussed The Knick on Keith's list last year
—David Ehrlich on XXL
—Sam Adams explores the validity of XXL's "revolutionary" claims
The Mend: Peter's Audio Review and his Film Stage capsule
Hannibal: Keith's Pre-Finale Recap
Mistress America: Peter's Audio Review and his Film Stage capsule
Vadim Rizov on Greenberg
Blackhat: Keith's Review and Peter's Review
Hard To Be A God: Peter's Cannes Review
Sky Hirschkron's dissenting take on German's assumptions
—Anton Dolin on German's Russian Background
Horse Money: Keith's Impressions
The Assassin: Keith's Toronto Review and Peter's Interview With Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Sunset Song: Keith's Toronto Review
—Watch the 1971 Sunset Song Miniseries
Magic Mike XXL: Peter's Letterboxd Post and Capsule for In Review Online, and Keith's Impressions
Peter on Bujalski's Results

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