Sunday, March 13, 2016

True/False 2016

One might not expect much from a film festival right in the dead center of America's Heartland, but for thirteen years, True/False has been changing the way to think about the micro-film festival as well as the form of cinema in major ways. In this dispatch from Columbia, Missouri, Peter sits with critics Sam Adams, Tim Grierson, and (eventually) Scott Tobias to look at how the documentary-oriented festival puts aesthetics into the conversation while remaining politically engaged. While the subjects can be galvanizing—the US prison system, delinquent teenage girls in Tehran, Chinese miners, the fall of Iraq—the films continually break the mold for how one thinks about the format by exploring the relationship between the filmmaker and their subject. Plus, a discussion about Concerned Student 1950, a student-made documentary addressing the issues of the University of Missouri protests in 2015, and what its premiere could mean for the future of the festival.

0:00-2:50 Opening
2:50-8:00 Concerned Student 1950
8:00-49:35 True/False Favorites
50:47-54:16 Sponsorship Section
55:05-1:19:05 True/False Favorite Scenes
1:19:08-1:20:47 Close
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Read recaps of True/False from Sam Adams, Alissa Wilkinson, Bilge Ebiri, and Noel Murray.
—Tim reviews Life, Animated and Weiner from the festival.
—Scott reviews Starless Dreams, The Pearl, Peter and the Farm, and The Prison in Twelve Landscapes.
—More on Concerned Student 1950
Field of Vision
—Robert Greene's Kate Plays Christine (Robert talks on the podcast here)
Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)
—True/False's Neither/Noir Series
—Films discussed on the podcast: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes, Peter and the Farm, Helmut Berger, Actor, Starless Dreams, Cameraperson, Weiner, Behemoth, Norotras/Ellas, O Futebol.
Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream
—As noted in the podcast, my travel and expenses to True/False were partially compensated by the festival.

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