Sunday, April 10, 2016

Episode #77 - Eric Hynes (Quick Change)

"Documentaries are where the most exciting stuff in film is happening. Inevitably that's what I'm going to write about and push for."

Eric Hynes may not want to be boxed in for his work on documentaries, but it seems more and more to be where his interests as a writer for Reverse Shot and Film Comment alongside programming duties at the Museum of the Moving Image have taken him. But Eric is so much more, and has become one of the most valued writers of criticism and beyond—someone who shows passion and acute judgement within his sentences without ever condescending nor falling into cliché. In his interview with Peter, Eric traces his way into writing through music criticism and books, his decade-long tenure at one of the most important institutions in online film writing, and a continuing love of Star Wars. Then, the two turn to a truly forgotten gem of 90s cinema: Bill Murray and Howard Franklin's Quick Change, perhaps the last film to show New York City when it was truly the worst, in the best way possible.

0:00-3:37 Opening
4:22-54:46 Deep Focus — Eric Hynes
55:52-1:00:23 Sponsorship Section
1:02:08-1:21:46 Double Exposure — Quick Change (Billy Murray and Howard Franklin)
1:21:51-1:23:30 Close
Read Eric Hynes at Film Comment, Reverse Shot, Rolling Stone, Slate, and Cinema-Scope. Read his 2013 Neither/Noir monograph for True/False, and follow him on Twitter.
Check out Quick Change here.
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
The Star Wars Holiday Special
Disney's constant re-release strategy was developed personally by Disney. Learn more about the Disney Vault.
The Jerry Lewis Theater on Staten Island.
—Louis Malle's Crackers
—Eric Hynes on the Film Comment podcast
Kim's Video
Wesley Morris at The New York Times; Listen to our 2013 interview with Robert Greene
Video Free Brooklyn
—Eric's Big Fish review
—Unfortunately, the Sundance Now blog has been taken off the Internet
—The Reverse Shot Talkies
—On Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
—Eric screened American Movie at the Museum of the Moving Image in January.
—AJ Schnack on the call for more documentary critics
—The Cinema Eye Honors for Non-Fiction Cinema
—Sundance's "Art of Non-Fiction" Grant
—On The Look of Silence
True/False's Neither/Noir Series
The Museum of the Moving Image
—The See It Big! documentaries
Vivan Las Antipodas!
The Oral History of Kids
—In the discussion of Quick Change, I misidentified Randy Quaid as Randy Newman, which is quite egregious. Randy Quaid is a genius actor.
—Eric on The Big Short
—Kent Jones on Ghostbusters

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