Sunday, July 10, 2016

Life and Something More: Abbas Kiarostami Remembered

Abbas Kiarostami, born in 1940 in Tehran, turned to filmmaking in 1970 when he helped set up the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. He had made a half dozen shorts and one feature, The Report in 1977, before the Iranian Revolution changed the public face of his country. While many filmmakers moved away in search of more creative freedom, Kiarostami continued to direct. Around the early 1990s, his films suddenly found an international foothold at festivals via the Koker trilogy and his most famous work, Close-Up. In 1997, he won a Palm D’Or for Taste of Cherry, helping paint the way for Iranian filmmakers to find an audience abroad. His filmmaking only became more cryptic and complex, especially with his early adoption of digital cinema with Ten and the self-reflexive documentary, Ten on Ten. His final films, Certified Copy and Like Someone In Love, were his only made outside his native Iran. Kiarostami passed away on July 4, 2016. In this special episode of the podcast, Amir Soltani, Tina Hassania, and Carson Lund join the podcast to celebrate the life and work of one of the legendary filmmakers to emerge on the world cinema stage.

0:00-2:49 Opening
2:49-46:18 Abbas Kiarostami — Part 1
47:16-52:02 Sponsorship Section
52:48-1:32:07 Abbas Kiarostami — Part 2
1:32:10-1:33:22 Close 
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
The Hello Cinema Podcast
—Writings on Kiarostami by Tina Hassania: Obituary, on women in his films, her introduction to In Review Online's directrospective (and on many of the films by her here)
—Writings on Kiarostami by Amir Soltani: In Memorium, on children in his films.
—Writings on Kiarostami by Carson Lund: On Like Someone In Love, Certified Copy, and the ending of Taste of Cherry.
—Writings on Kiarostami by Peter: On Certified Copy, Like Someone In Love, and Close-Up. Peter also wrote about the final shot of Through the Olive Trees in issue #50 of Little White Lies.
—Tina's interview with Kiarostami
—Other Obituaries: Kevin B Lee, Jafar Panahi, Bilge Ebiri, Godfrey Cheshire, Dana Stevens,  Adam Nayman, and David Hudson.
Mahmoud Ahmadenijad visits Columbia in 2007.
—More on The Glass Agency

Where To Watch The Films
The Report: Included on the Certified Copy Criterion, YouTube.
Homework: YouTube
Orderly Disorderly: YouTube
Two Solutions to One Problem: YouTube
Where Is The Friend's Home: Hulu+
Life and Nothing More...: Unavailable At Moment
Through The Olive Trees: DailyMotion
Close-Up: Criterion DVD and Hulu+
Taste of Cherry: Criterion DVD and Hulu+
The Wind Will Carry Us: Blu-Ray and YouTube
Ten: DVD and Mubi
10 on Ten: Featured on the Ten DVD
ABC Africa: DVD
Shirin: YouTube
Certified Copy: Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray, YouTube
Like Someone In Love: Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray, Hulu+

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