Sunday, August 28, 2016

Episode #84 - Scott Bukatman (Some Came Running)

"I'm interested in the experience in the moment watching something, reading something—of the pleasure that I get from that experience."

Criticism is often described as an act of interpretation—explaining how or why a film works. But the act of cinema at its most basic level is an experience of image, sound, bodies, gestures, materiality, and everything in between. Stanford Professor Scott Bukatman has explored that experiential level of art in all of its forms from high to low. Scott and Peter cross boundaries of genre and time to discuss post-modern science fiction and its most abstract moments, performative bodies that explained our new technological moment, and even gravitational expectations in the new digital landscape. They also discuss cinema's closest (and often problematic) cousin, the comic book, alongside Scott's new exploration of Hellboy and how the act of reading itself can (and should) be reconsidered in the act of discussing a text. Finally, the two dive deep on Vincent Minnelli's Some Came Running, and truly ask what is it that makes a performance, especially in a melodrama in which the art of acting is key to everything.

0:00-4:10 Opening
5:13-11:16 Establishing Shots — Digital Restorations at The Academy
12:00-1:06:48 Deep Focus — Scott Bukatman
1:07:21-1:11:32 Sponsorship Section
1:10:59-1:32:14 Double Exposure — Some Came Running (Vincente Minnelli)
1:32:18-1:33:56 Close / Outtake
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Learn more about Scott
—Scott's books: Terminal Identity, Matters of Gravity, The Poetics of Slumberland, Blade Runner, and Hellboy's World
—Watch a video from the King of Jazz restoration watch a video about re-creating Cock of the Air's sound.
—Check out the Arthur C Clarke novelization of 2001
—More about Annette Michelson and her career
—Read her seminal pieces on 2001 and Wavelength
Dr. Brian O'Blivvion from Videodrome
Scott on Jerry Lewis (also discussed in Slumberland)
—Lewis's The Total Filmmaker
—A brief NYTimes clip on the 1988 Jerry Lewis retrospective and the 1986 SCS program that featured the panel on Lewis
—Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" video by Spike Jonze
—Wolfgang Schivelbusch's The Railway Journey (and his follow up Disenchanted Light)
—Douglas Trumbull discusses his various effects and directorial efforts in this 90+ minute Master Class
—Read Little Nemo in Slumberland and Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
—Also discussed: Nancy by Ernie Buschmiller and Krazy Kat by George Herriman
—Tom Gunning's Cinema of Attractions
—Scott in conversation with Vivian Sobchack
—Susan Sontag's Against Interpretation
—Andrew Klevan's Film Performance: From Achievement to Appreciation
—Benjamin discusses "The Adventure of Reading" in One-Way Street
—David Batchelor's Chromophobia
—Scott's "Why I Hate Superhero Movies" (also featured in Slumberland)
The Schwarma Scene in The Avengers
Wesley Morris on the superhero deluge 
—Scott on Minnelli's Lust for Life (part of Joe McElhaney's excellent edited collection)
—Thomas Elsaesser's "Tales of Sound and Fury"

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