Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Halloween Horrorthon!

In a podcast first, the conversations of the past return...from the dead! To celebrate the end of Shocktober alongside Halloween, Peter returns to five different conversations exploring the horror genre in some way. First, Michael Koresky talks about the fear-inducing but plainly stylized The Seventh Victim, which turns classical continuity into a source of horror.  Then, Kim Morgan explores trauma in the highly underrated rape drama Something Wild with Carroll Baker. Then it's back to Classical Hollywood with Farran Smith-Nehme's choice of Three Strangers, a supernatural film noir where a promise from a Chinese goddess only leads to doom for Geraldine Fitzgerald, Sydney Greetstreet, and poor Peter Lorre. Then the line between horror, comedy, documentary, and general "WTF" is truly bent with Matt Singer's choice of The Buried Secret of M. Night Shaymalan, which (inadvertently?) explores the limits and literalism of auteurism. Finally, we go to the purest horror film of all time with Angela Catalano's choice of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a film that knows no boundaries when it comes to showing unadulterated malice. It's time to revisit our most frightening conversations!

0:00-3:52 Opening
5:16-19:03 The Seventh Victim with Michael Koresky
20:45-34:50 Something Wild with Kim Morgan
36:48-55:08 Three Strangers with Farran Smith-Nehme
56:11-59:13 Sponsorship Section
1:00:59-1:20:45 The Buried Secret of M. Night Shaymalan with Matt Singer
1:21:52-1:38:48 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with Angela Catalano
1:38:53-1:40:48 Close 

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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Listen to the full episode with Michael Koresky and follow him on Twitter.
—Stream The Seventh Victim
—Listen to the full episode with Kim Morgan and follow her on Twitter.
—Check out the Something Wild Blu-Ray from The Criterion Collection
—Listen to the full episode with Farran Smith-Nehme and follow her on Twitter.
—Check out Three Strangers streaming from Warner Archive
—Listen to the full episode with Matt Singer and follow him on Twitter.
—Check out The Buried Secret of M. Night Shaymalan on YouTube.
—Listen to the full episode with Angela Catalano and follow her on Twitter.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is widely available.

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