Thursday, February 2, 2017

Charles Cohen and KCET Classics

"There are people who collect art. I like to think I collect art films."

You can get a panoramic view of Los Angeles from the office of Charles Cohen, a real estate mogul who about a decade ago returned to his true passion for cinema. But Cohen does not need to impress with optics: his commitment to restoration and exhibition of silent films, Classical Hollywood, art cinema, and new foreign language works speaks for itself. With a new theater in New York on the way, Cohen has also taken a handful of the titles from his expanding cinema library and is now presenting them on public television through KCET. In this roundtable interview at the Pacific Design Center, Cohen discusses his background and continuing plans to develop cinephilia, and what separates him from the other financial giants whose role in film development alongside their political affiliations has many asking questions about who makes what we watch.

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Notes and Links from the Conversation
KCET's Cohen Film Classics
—More from Cohen Media
—Cohen's Trivia Mania book from 1985
Howards End on Criterion
—More on the new Quad Cinema
—Quad Programmer Chris Wells appeared on The Cinephiliacs in 2013
Hitchcock/Truffaut director Kent Jones appeared on The Cinephiliacs in 2014
—Steve Bannon's work in Wellspring Media and his own documentaries
—Steven Mnuchin's financing in Hollywood and a list of all the films he put money into.

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