Sunday, April 30, 2017

Episode #92 - Catherine Grant (The Headless Woman)

"If you dive in with an idea of sketchiness, 'I can see something here but I'm not quite sure,' and then go for it, you constitute things. I think it's what we always hope to do with our scholarship."

While Peter sometimes has questioned what digital cameras have wrought, there is no question that the digital revolution has changed the ways we can relate to our cinematic experiences (Exhibit A: this podcast). UK film scholar Catherine Grant has always seemed to be on the precipice of these changes. Her blog, Film Studies for Free, brought the idea of Open Access within the field to a whole array of scholars, and her pioneering work in video essays transformed the way that film scholarship can come closer to their objects of study than ever before. In this interview conducted in the heart of the annual SCMS conference, Catherine discusses her discovery of art cinema, her research on world cinema and auteurism in the digital age, and the role that these new visual tools have changed the way she approaches cinema. They top off their conversation by turning to The Headless Woman and how Argentine director Lucrecia Martel creates a hyper-attentive spectator in the most breathtaking drama of recent memory. 

0:00-3:26 Opening 
4:25-9:14 Establishing Shots — Preview of "This American Life — Jonathan Demme"
9:59-1:00:05 Deep Focus — Catherine Grant
1:00:55-1:03:11 Sponsorship Section
1:04:09-1:1:39 Double Exposure — The Headless Woman (Lucrecia Martel)
1:19:43-1:22:02 Close / Outtake
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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Check out Catherine's website and her Twitter. Check out a number of her published research on Watch some of her countless video essays here.
—Follow the blog Film Studies for Free
Follow the open access film journal Reframe and Cinema Journal's video essay platform [In]Transition
—Learn more about The Railway Children
Watch Part 1 of Hour of the Furnaces
Read Screening World Cinema, co-edited by Catherine and Annette Kuhn
—On "Camera Solidaria"
—On Feminist theories of authorship
—Catherine's dissertation on Mexican author Rosario Castellanos
—Check out John Caughie's indispensable collection Theories of Authorship
—Catherine on authorship in the digital age
—Timothy Corrigan's reading of auteurism appears in A Cinema Without Walls
—Barbara Klinger discusses authorship in her book on Douglas Sirk
Catherine's blogs on Directing Cinema and Anagnorisis
—Catherine's database post on the study of Film Criticism
—Catherine on video essays as "Material Thinking" and its use in intertextual film studies
—The Mark Cousins series included interviews with filmmakers and was entitled Scene By Scene. Here is the episode with Martin Scorsese and here is the one with Steve Martin.
—Early video essays by Kevin B. Lee (listen to our conversation here)
—Kevin's video essay on The Go-Between
—Catherine's first video essay on Les Bonnes Femmes
Touching the Film Object
—Laura Marks on haptic visuality
—Laura Mulvey discusses the work of the spectator in the digital age in Death 24x per Second
—Kevin Ferguson's new digital work on "Volumetric Cinema"
—On Marilyn Monroe and acting by Aaron Taylor and Bryn Hewko
—Peter Decherney's Hollywood: A Very Short Introduction
—Catherine's video essay on The Headless Woman
—Sheila and I discussed "Backting" on our podcast here

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