Sunday, October 15, 2017

Boundaries of Reality: New Non-Fiction With Agnès Varda, JR, and Theo Anthony

"An image is just a point to explore reality and memory."

As this podcast has explored, the limits of non-fiction have been continually pushed and pulled by daring filmmakers who refuse to understand the limits of what they can do. This week looks at two new releases from three creators asking questions of space, memory, history, and often themselves. First of all, Peter sits down with legendary French New Wave filmmaker Agnès Varda to discuss her new film, Visage Villages (in English, Faces Places), alongside her co-conspirator, the elusive street artist known as JR. They discuss the ins and outs of collaboration when their work ethics seemingly clash, the personalities they present on screen, and the "work" of their images. Then, Peter meets up with Baltimore filmmaker Theo Anthony to dissect his bold directorial debut, Rat Film. They discuss the alien style of the film and its interest in both the collection of data and the relation of its human subjects, all while asking how a film can provoke emotion and ideas in a diversity of ways without ever posing obvious solutions.

0:00-5:07 Opening
6:05-29:58 Agnès Varda and JR (Visage Villages)
30:43-35:22 Sponsorship Section
36:22-1:00:56 Theo Anthony (Rat Film)
1:01:02-1:02:46 Close / Outtake

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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Theater Listings for Faces Places; Screening Info for Rat Film (Watch on iTunes)
—Check out Agnès Varda and JR on Instagram and Theo Anthony on Twitter
—A lot of the research I did on Varda came from Kelley Conway's excellent book
—Varda's Utopia Station
—Alison Smith's book on Varda has a chapter dedicated to Varda's "cinécriture" (cine writing)
—Watch Varda's Murs Murs online
—Varda and the Goats Mural 
—Varda's Ulysse is streaming on Fandor
—More on Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School
Pests in the City by Dawn Day Biehler
Janet Stevenson
—Alain Resnais and Chris Marker's Statues Also Die

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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