Sunday, November 26, 2017

Affairs to Remember: Selections from AFI Fest 2017

This year's slate of unique films on the festival circuits are works defined by individuals. Some follow how they define themselves to others—romantically or otherwise—while others follow their relationship to work, the state, and to their own being. Performers of dynamic and unique range create compelling faces and bodies to follow through spaces both familiar and alien, traversing time through aesthetic choices. Directors thus create tones through defining space and helping us see what is beyond the camera's gaze. In this report from the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles, Peter invites on a cornucopia of wonderous guests to discuss some of the fall's most unique films. Works by Hong Sang-Soo, Claire Denis, Sergei Lonznista, Aaron Katz, and Valeska Grisebach explore the contemporary landscape with conviction, empathy, and pathos.

0:00-3:43 Opening
4:37-25:27 The Day After and Claire's Camera with Aret Frost
26:28-43:39 A Gentle Creature with Carson Lund
44:37-48:31 Sponsorship Section
50:10-1:03:31  Gemini with Gabriel Anderson
1:04:39-1:29:47 Western and Bright Sunshine In with Carman Tse
1:30:37-1:32:49 Close / Outtake

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Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Follow Aret, Carson, and Carman on Twitter. Check out Gabriel Anderson's film Entropy
—Some info about the Hong Sang-Soo + Kim Min-Hee Relationship
—A brief article discussing the use of Pascal's Wager in My Night at Maud's
—Some information about formal and informal language in Korean
Jessica Chastain's comments on Cannes
—Sergei Lonznitsa's Train Stop
—Roxana Waterson on the idea of documentary as a form of testimony
—Aleksei German's Khrystalyov, My Car!
Michael Sicinski on Western
—Claire Denis discusses her upcoming science fiction film
Vadim Rizov on Bright Sunshine In

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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