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2017 Favorites With Keith Uhlich (Part 1 — Moments Out of Time)

A love of cinema does not necessitate a love of a total work. Often it is a moment—a person, a camera movement, a lighting choice, or an emotional beat—that strikes us. When Peter and Keith discussed returning once again for their annual countdown, they decided that the first half of their lists should do something different. Instead of highlight their 6 through 10 picks for the year, they instead have chosen five "Moments Out Of Time" within often good (though perhaps bad) films that surprised, challenged, and delighted. With such a list, they discuss a plethora of topics, including a serious examination of the structures within Hollywood that have maintained and sustained diminishing standards under increasingly dubious and especially harmful authorities. Individual artists strive to rise above the system, and here, the two critics aim to find out why that is, and what could be done to uplift the system.

0:00-6:08  Opening
6:09-31:49 Picks for #5
31:50-56:49 Picks for #4
56:50-1:23:54 Picks for #3
1:25:08-1:28:10  Sponsorship Section
1:28:36-1:51:48  Picks for #2
1:51:49-2:18:07 Picks for #1
2:18:08-2:26:07 Repertory Picks of the Year
2:26:11-2:28:04 Close / Outtake

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Peter's List
1. "The Shine Of Movie Stardom," Regina Hall in Girls Trip
2. "New Director, Ozu Tricks," Sofia Coppola directs The Beguiled
3. "Digital Delights," Sean Price Williams lights Marjorie Prime
4. "Saved By The Reel Change Bell" The final 20 minutes of The Lost City of Z and Happy Death Day
5. "A Soulful Change of Pace" Samuel L. Jackson narrates I Am Not Your Negro

Repertory Picks: Imitation of Life (Douglas Sirk, USA, 1959); Falkenau, The Impossible (Emil Weiss, France, 1989)

Keith's List
1. "Only the Good Die..." Jonathan Demme's death and "life"
2. "The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled," Jean-Luc Godard's non-cameo in Faces Places
3. "It's Actually About Ethics in Journalism," The visual and thematic "obviousness" of The Post
4. "If Music Be The Food of Love," Jonny Greenwood's score for Phantom Thread
5. "These Aren't The Films You Think You're Watching," The Trip to Spain and Risk

Repertory Picks: Swing Shift [Director's Workprint] (Jonathan Demme, USA, 1984); September 30, 1955 (James Bridges, USA, 1977)

Notes and Links from the Conversation
—Follow Keith Uhlich on Twitter and at his Website
—Michael Winterbottom explains the ending of The Trip To Spain
—Blake Williams on Risk
—Eric Hynes discusses issues of trust with Risk 
—An interview with Laura Poitras on the film and her changes
—Martin Scorsese's Public Speaking
—Armond White's review of Pulp Fiction appears in his collection The Resistance
—James Baldwin appears on The Dick Cavett Show
—K. Collins Austin on I Am Not Your Negro
—Jonny Greenwood discusses scoring Phantom Thread
—Director Christopher Landon discusses the ending to Happy Death Day
—Peter discusses The Lost City of Z on an earlier podcast
—Keith reviews The Lost City of Z
—Keith on Spielberg's The Post
—Mike D'Angelo on The Post
—Adam Nayman on Spielberg's endings
—Sean Price Williams discusses shooting Marjorie Prime
—Keith on Faces Places
—Peter's interview with Agnes Varda and JR
—Jean-Luc Godard appears in Varda's 1961 short film, Les fiancés du pont MacDonald
—Sofia Coppola responds to concerns about the racist charges against The Beguiled
—Mike D'Angelo on The Beguiled
—The "#VengefulBitches" T-Shirt
—Angelica Jade Bastien on race and The Beguiled
—K. Collins Austin describes why Marie Antoniette didn't need a beheading of an ending
—Keith's rememberance of Jonathan Demme
—Jonathan Demme introduces JT + The Tennessee Kids in Februrary 2017
—Watch Demme's episode of Shots Fired, entitled "The Fire This Time"
—Information on Demme's Power of Rock
—Information on the differences in the director's cut of Swing Shift
—You can find the "Directed by Jonathan Demme" titles cards by going down on Keith's media Twitter page
—Listen to an earlier tribute to Jonathan Demme on The Cinephiliacs
—Peter reviews About Last Night with Regina Hall and Kevin Hart
—Listen to David Bordwell and Imogen Smith on The Film Comment Podcast
—Spike Lee's "new" She's Gotta Have It
An excerpt from a Spike Lee interview on how the new series got made

Theme Music: “Forward” by Northbound

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