Sunday, April 22, 2018

Episode #100 - Peter Labuza (The Long Gray Line)

"Cinephilia is always bigger than yourself."

Every guest of The Cinephiliacs has had their chance in the hot seat to be questioned by Peter on a myriad of topics, but never the other way around. In this very special 100th episode, it is the guests who have control of the mic. Friend of the show Keith Uhlich plays host for an episode to ask Peter about his first cinematic memory, how the podcast got started, and why he turned to film history. Along the way, many other former friends call in to ask their own questions about his favorite theaters, the films he just doesn't understand, and the lessons he's learned through the course of the show. Finally, Peter finally chooses the film and goes with John Ford's enigmatic biopic The Long Gray Line, a story of the military and America in a way that neither Keith nor Peter can wrap their heads entirely around, but find themselves in tears at the end nonetheless. Is it shallow patriotism, or is Ford crafting the most mysterious anti-war film ever made?

0:00-4:27  Opening
5:12-1:38:44 Deep Focus — Peter Labuza
1:39:24-1:43:24  Sponsorship Section
1:44:44-2:18:11 Double Exposure — The Long Gray Line (John Ford)
2:18:56-2:24:10 Final Questions / Thanks 
2:24:12-2:25:54 Close

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Notes and Links to the Conversation
—Listen to the Former Guests! Keith UhlichAli Arikan, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Dan Sallitt, Kent Jones, Marsha Gordon, Ryland Walker Knight, Adam Kempenaar, Doug Dillaman, Glenn Kenny, Angela Catalano, James Hansen, Tim Grierson, Eric Allen Hatch, Kevin B Lee, Kris Tapley, Fernando F. Croce, Carrie Rickey, Catherine Grant, James Schamus, Nate Fisher, Tom Doherty, Laura Major, and Amir Soltani
—Manohla Dargis on INLAND EMPIRE
—UCLA's restoration of Brandy in the Wilderness
—Peter on Ozu and Tokyo Story
—Former guest Imogen Smith wrote about Film Forum's Robert Ryan series
—Terrence Rafferty on Film Forum's William Wellman series
—Peter said the Cary Grant starred in Night Nurse, but he meant Clarke Gable
—Listen to episodes from the San Francisco Silent Film Festival
—Information on the one day event in Los Angeles when they open the old theaters
The scene from Annie Hall
—Keith on the films of Mikio Naruse
—David Bordwell's Figures Traced in Light
—My old, old report on Film Forum's This is DCP!
Manila in the Claw of Light is coming soon to Criterion Blu-Ray
—The End of Warner Archive, reported by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
—Peter on the Disney-Fox Merger
—Watch films on the National Film Preservation Foundation Screening Room
Solomon Sir Jones Films, 1924-1928 on the Yale University Libraries Website
—Read an article on Warner Bros. & Corporate Governance that will be a small portion of Peter's dissertation
—Peter writing for LAist
—Read an interview with Linwood Dunn
—Read about Peter's advisor, Laura Isabel Serna
—Watch the Edgar G. Ulmer Tuberculosis and many other education films on the US National Library of Medicine website
—Peter's image essays on John Ford: My Darling Clementine and Young Mr Lincoln; The Searchers and American Sniper

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