Sunday, April 1, 2018

Episode #102 - Antonella Bonfanti (Cabaret)

"We're format agnostic, but we understand our tradition as a film-on-film distribution."

The avant-garde just doesn't "happen." It has relied on institutional networks that create any sort of art world to help it find its publics. These networks are just as critical as they were 50 years ago, and Antonella Bonfanti works to keep that tradition alive. The director of the San Francisco based Canyon Cinema sits down to discuss how she fell in love with the tactile form of film and found herself working with home movies and other amateur formats before joining the famed distribution company for experimental cinema. She then explains how Canyon continues to operate and its bright future in finding audiences in the digital age. Finally, she and Peter put on their jazz hands to highlight the work of Bob Fosse's Cabaret, which of course turns into what else but a Liza Love Fest.

0:00-3:08  Opening
4:17-11:00 Establishing Shots — New Cinemas Hit Manhattan
11:46-58:53 Deep Focus — Antonella Bonfanti
1:00:05-1:04:18  Sponsorship Section
1:06:05-1:19:15 Double Exposure — Cabaret (Bob Fosse)
1:19:42-1:22:43 Close

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Notes and Links to the Conversation
—Learn more about Antonella and Canyon Cinema
—Joyce Wieland's Sailboat
TIFF Wavelengths
George Eastman House (discussed more with Jim Healy)
Selznick School of Preservation
—Alan Kattelle's Home Movies: A History of the American Industry, 1897-1979
—The Switch from Nitrate Film to Safety Stock
—A brief history of Kodachrome
Home Movie Day
Oddball Films (and a brief tribute to Stephen Parr, who passed away recently)
Rick Prelinger
—Prelinger's No More Road Trips?
—Scott MacDonald's Canyon Cinema
The Film-Makers' Cooperative
—Canyon becomes a non-profit
—Canyon Cinema Salon
—The Canyon Cinema Papers at Stanford University
Canyon Cinema 50

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