Monday, September 16, 2019

Episode #118 - Daniel Steinhart (Bunny Lake Is Missing)

"When Hollywood films go overseas, they do have to become more flexible and adaptable, but that has always been the case."

As much as many will espouse the "universal language" of cinema, the experience of both making and watching films from location to location is full of fascinating difference. As someone who grew up watching films in both America and Colombia, Daniel Steinhart became attuned to look for these differences as he traveled film festivals as well. But his book, Runaway Hollywood, moves from the audience to the filmmakers who escaped the studio lot and made works across the globe in the postwar era. Peter and Dan discuss this fascinating taxonomy of taxes and tea, gaffers and genre, politics and panning shots. How exactly could this cultural exchange create a change in film style? Finally, they dive into an oddball thriller from Otto Preminger shot in London, Bunny Lake Is Missing, examining how this film balances both its unique locale and the demands of its auteur.

0:00–3:28 Opening
5:11–12:52 Establishing Shots — Gilberto Perez's The Eloquent Screen
13:37–1:07:22 Deep Focus — Daniel Steinhart
1:08:06–1:11:33 Sponsorship Section
1:12:52–1:33:02 Double Exposure — Bunny Lake Is Missing (Otto Preminger)
1:33:07–1:35:50 Close

Notes and Links to the Conversation
—Learn more about Daniel Steinhart and check out Runaway Hollywood
—Learn more about Gilberto Perez, and check out his books, The Material Ghost and The Eloquent Screen
—Watch Judge Priest (1934).
—Read the infamous Cahiers du Cinema piece on Young Mr. Lincon and Geoffrey O'Brien's piece on the film.
— A little about the Crank Film Society
—Dan on the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Hubert Bals Fund
—Dan talks with film critic Neil Young about the film festival circuit
—Lea Jacobs' The Wages of Sin
—Ruth Vassey's The World According to Hollywood
—Emily Carman on the Warner Bros. Archive
—Eric Hoyt discusses the digitization of Variety and the changes it brought.
—Looking at 1960s promotional features
—Learn more about Huston's adventures abroad in his memoir
—Dan discusses his book over at Film Quarterly
—Ken Provencher discusses runaway production in Japan
—Watch Bunny Lake Is Missing
—Learn more about the appearance of The Zombies in the band's autobiography

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