Wednesday, March 18, 2020

121 - Jon Dieringer (Made in Hollywood)

"I just hope there's always going to be a healthy alternative."

The podcast returns in our perilous times with a profile of the website all about what's playing in repertory and experimental cinemas across New York. And though the balconies remained closed and the popcorn machines without an ounce, there are plenty of reason to subscribe to Screen Slate and listen to this conversation with Jon Dieringer. Jon takes us to his early programming days and work on a few Hollywood movies before diving into the complex work preserving the history of experimental video at Electronic Arts Intermix. He then talks about the origins of Screen Slate (including its infamous and now defunct competitor) and how it continues to push the boundaries of what curious cinephiles can and should watch. Finally, the two dive into the absolute oddity that is Made in Hollywood, a proto-Lynch take on the industry from Bruce and Norman Yonemoto with Patricia Arquette that is both highly artificial and highly bizarre

0:00–6:18 Opening
7:27-10:43 OVID.TV Sponsorship
11:28–1:20:21 Deep Focus — Jon Dieringer
1:21:32–1:24:57 MUBI Sponsorship Section
1:25:37–1:40:32 Double Exposure — Made in Hollywood (Bruce and Norman Yonemoto)
1:40:36–1:42:33 Close // Outtake

Notes and Links to the Conversation
—Check on Screen Slate and follow it on Twitter
—Donate to the Cinema Solidarity Worker Fund
Electronic Arts Intermix
—The Historic Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio
Patrick Dahl on Screen Slate
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
—More about producer Ted Hope
—Chicago's CINE-FILE, a weekly email blast about the city's repertory offerings
—Jon recalls his earthquake story
—More on experimental animator Len Lye
Bradley Eros, aka the "Media Mystic"
—The leftover Kickstarter of Alt-Screen
Screen Slate's "This is Mini DV (on 35mm)"
Screen Slate's Jim Carrey Zine
The Spectacle in Brooklyn
—Anthology's "Industrial Terror Series
—Zoltan G. Spencer's The Satanists
—Some information about Made in Hollywood
—The program for "The Lynchian Aesthetic" appears here
—A Collection of Art by the Yomenotos
—More about the singing vagina movie, Chatterbox! (1977)
The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra

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